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BentukBentuk was founded in April 2016 after months of countless experiments and it does hold a very special place in our heart from right where it starts until now. This entire business idea was born completely out of a dream and we didn’t know could ever come to life. It’s truly only because the faith and trust that we have in the brand and having each other pushing ourselves over the boundary to make this dream that it ever came to be.

The tipping point was in late 2015 when Adesh had stumbled upon a picture of a succulent in a concrete planter which she immediately fell in love with it.  We tried looking out for something similar if not the same everywhere, but we couldn’t believe it ourselves that it was nowhere to be found here in Malaysia. Being a no stranger to diy, we tried making a geometric concrete planter ourselves by watching the tutorials on Youtube. What you see is sometimes is not what you get, we had many disappointments from our try outs but somehow we still determined to perfected it and boy it was all worth it. Feeling so pleased with ourselves, we started posting the concrete planter that we’ve made in our personal Instagram.


Little that we know that it was from that moment, we had got ourselves into something very magnificent! The number of interest shown by our friend from that single post really blew us off and we started making and giving it for free of course at first. But something began tugging at our heart and we began feeling a pull towards turning this into a business.  We’ve never been so right in our life…never!


We were talking and planning about the business and of course looking for a suitable name for our brand, something that relates to us as Malaysian, represents our product aesthetic and yet catchy and easy to remember. Shahfiq come out with the name “BentukBentuk” and why not? It is in our own Malaysian national language (staying true to our root), represent our aesthetic (various shapes!) and it is really easy to remember. It’s a jackpot for us!


After almost 2 years, the love we have to BentukBentuk never fades, yet it grows stronger than ever and we have so many future plans ahead for it to be a leading brand in concrete pieces and making Malaysia proud.


Thank you for taking the time out of your day to visit our website. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at should you have any enquiry about our product or if it’s just to say hi!


Much love,

Adesh & Shahfiq



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Shahfiq Manap

Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Shahfiq Manap is the co-owner, co-founder and the person who manages BentukBentuk. Born in Johor, Shahfiq grew up mostly in Perak and attending the primary and secondary school here.  He graduated with diploma in Multimedia Technology from Noble College of Technology (USM). Being in a handmade home decoration business is something that has never crossed his mind but he is so glad that BentukBentuk found him! Similar to Adesh, even though he is also not from a design background, he likes experimenting on diy projects during his free time. Post-graduation days, he has worked many jobs such as being a tutor, waiting tables, home painter  and even worked in a vegetable farm! Still keeping his day job, currently working as Customer Experience and Operation Executive in a mobile gateway provider company.  He has more than 10+ years of experience in the field.


During his free time between his day job and BentukBentuk, Shahfiq loves to cycle on the road with his cycling group and nothing beats the feeling of a sweaty morning in spandex (lol), with a tan line on the skin and a great breakfast destination with his cycling buddies.

Adesh Zaini

Adesh Zaini

Co-Founder & Co-Owner

Adesh Zaini is the co-owner, co-founder and the creative brain behind BentukBentuk.  Born in Perak, she attended her primary school in her hometown, however she was enrolled to a boarding school in Penang for her secondary school.  She then did her matriculation in Negeri Sembilan and later on graduated from UPM with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science majoring in Multimedia. Contrary to what people thought, she wasn’t from a product design or interior design background even though her passion and heart is always with creating and designing things.  She’s currently working as a System/Service Delivery Analyst in an O&G company and prior being a Service Delivery Analyst, she was a SAP HR Functional Consultant with more than 10+ years of experience in the field. Due to the passion that she have in design and all things diy, she have always experimenting with different kind of art and craft making everything on her own without any formal education.  She loves experimenting and perfection is her best friend.


In between juggling between her day job and BentukBentuk, she loves spending time with family and friends, eating over a nice brunch or dinner. Adesh also loves being in the nature with her camera photographing all the beautiful things God created! She can literally sit there, watch the mountains for hours!